One not so fine day in May a strong storm hit Taupo from the southeast and with the resulting winds of over 60 knots our yacht broke it's mooring and grounded suffering significant damage including breaking the keel off and smashing the rudder, plus other superficial damage. No small event on a 28ft craft weighing around 4 tonne.

We first contacted the insurers and then Joe dale boat builders. Joe was at the site of the damaged boat with the salvor within a hour and had all our belongings off the yacht within 24 hours.

The ensuing repair returned to us a boat that was, in my opinion, better than before the accident. The Auckland based assessor was greatly impressed with the professionalism of approach and competitive price given by the Dales, and both Mr. Dale senior and Joe kept us fully in the picture throughout the process. At the yard I was welcome to do jobs on the boat while it was on the hard. Even after our yacht was back in the water Joe was available to sort out the small teething problems that inevitably occur with a relaunch.

To say we are satisfied would be an understatement and we would have no hesitation in recommending The Joe Dale boatyard for any marine work either large or small.

Best Regards,

Ross and Kay Palmer,
Owners of the yacht Hot Prospect

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